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Consumers claim health hazards from fiberglass-infused mattresses

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Defective Products

Is a best-selling mattress a hazard to your health? That is what a California woman and thousands of others claim in a proposed class-action lawsuit against Zinus, a South Korean maker of an inexpensive mattress that is a top seller for online retailer Amazon.

These green tea “memory foam” mattresses contain flame-resistant fiberglass fibers that – if released – allegedly lead to health problems for people and the need to thoroughly clean contaminated homes. Fiberglass is a combination of plastic and glass, and contains potential eye, nose and throat irritants.

Scarring on child, contaminated homes

Filed in July, the lawsuit states that the woman’s $400 mattress investment led to close to $20,000 in damages, including those related to her medical bills. The plaintiff alleges that fiberglass released from the mattress led to permanent scarring on her 4-year-old daughter.

The list of affected consumers is long. An Illinois couple claims they were forced to live for months in a hotel after fiberglass from a Zinus mattress contaminated their home. The couple also experienced thousands of dollars in property damages and another $20,000 for remediation services to remove the fiberglass released from a Zinus mattress.

Consumers should be wary because the Zinus mattresses include instructions for people not to remove the outer mattress cover. A reviewer on the Amazon website claimed that unzipping the mattress’s outer cover led to the unleashing of hundreds of fiberglass particles into his home.

Put manufacturers on the alert

Consumers should expect the highest quality in safety standards from product makers. However, sometimes, companies make shortcuts and fail to properly evaluate their products. That is when it is time to take legal action.