Working With Injury Victims Throughout
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan And Ohio

Prior Successful Cases

  • Over $6 million in medical malpractice settlements in 2023
  • $112 million verdict for two men injured in a grain bin explosion at a Conagra mill in southern Illinois

  • $100 million settlement from litigation stemming from a fire at the Cook County Administration Building

  • $22.7 million verdict for the family of a husband and father killed by an intoxicated driver

  • $18.5 million settlement on behalf of two workers who suffered severe burns after an explosion at a train derailment clean-up site in Kentucky

  • $13 million settlement for a railroad conductor who suffered arm amputation during humping operations

  • $11 million settlement for a family of a father of three who was killed when a building under construction partially collapsed

  • $10 million verdict in a premises liability case for the family of a 22-year-old woman murdered in her apartment due to the landlord’s negligent security practices

  • $9 million settlement for a family when the parents were killed when their car was struck by a news van

  • $6.85 million settlement for a husband and father of two who was crushed by a punch press at a factory

  • $6 million settlement in guaranteed payments to a railroad conductor who lost his leg below the knee after being crushed between two railroad cars due to inadequate training

  • $5.35 settlement for a child struck by a train while fishing on a bridge due to failure to warn and destruction of evidence after the incident

  • $3.9 million settlement for woman who suffered multiple fractures after her car was struck by truck in Will County

  • $2.35 million to a railroad conductor who lost his leg below the knee while attempting to board moving equipment and falling under his train

  • $2.3 million for two minors in a sexual abuse case against a religious institution

  • $1.265 million verdict to a railroad conductor for a back injury after a yard collision that was due to defective derailment

  • $1.25 million to a railroad conductor who suffered a knee injury and was illegally disciplined by his employer for reporting an on-duty personal injury

  • $1.2 million settlement to a railroad conductor with a partial foot amputation after attempting to move a drawbar with a foot

  • $1.18 million to a railroad conductor who suffered permanent nerve injuries after a coupler fell on his foot

  • $1.1 million verdict for an 83-year-old man who suffered a broken ankle in a car crash

  • $1.1 million verdict for a railroad conductor who sustained a permanently disabling knee injury while attempting to align a defective drawbar

  • $1 million verdict to a railroad conductor suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome

  • $1 million for Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) total judgment of damages, attorney fees and costs to a railroad employee terminated for refusing to perform an unsafe work task

  • In re Air Crash Disaster at Lexington, Kentucky: Litigation stemming from the crash of Comair Flight 4191 in 2006 (confidential settlement)

  • Woods v. Southwest, et al. Boy killed when a Southwest plane crashed through the barrier at Midway Airport and struck the car in which he was a passenger (confidential settlement)